Plusle and Minun

Lucario's Permanent Sales Post!

(Picture drawn for me by aceattorneygirl)

- My Mum and I ship from the UK, from a pet and smoke free home. Some items are second hand, but we do our best to clean everything.
- Please reply to your own comment to add or remove items. Please don't edit. :)
- Quotes asking for a lower postage combo are fine.
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My pkmncollectors feedback is here and here

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Plusle and Minun

I made a thing.

Yep, that was me. Despite username differences (try going to gothybeans dot livejournal dot com if you're not convinced).
I decided it had to be done. He was shown on the Equestria Daily plush compilation so I was really shocked by how many people made kind comments. Pony fans are so nice to the newbies.

Check out the full description here: Tub Lord

Terriermon, Digimon and new Pokemon poster!

Today I received a parcel from Germany. It was very exciting.. A new friend for my Digimon!

Who's this?

It's Terriermon and his new friends! :D

When I went to the store to get Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, the man behind the counter gave me this awesome glow in the dark poster.
I won't be here for a few days to test it out, but I'll take a pic when I can. :D

Pokemon items I'm looking for.

Ahh, the well known "wants list". :)

Giant Lucario Heartland TOMY Plush - Grail status

Found! :D Thanks to eevie_chu and her vast patience with my payment "plan" (not sure throwing money at someone haphazardly is a "plan")... and her willingness to rummage around in a Pokemon's rear end and remove all his fluff, a Lucario is finally on his way to my home.
He's a fixer-upper (holes, and a missing part) but due to the huge kindness of growly, we will be able to repair him properly! I can't wait to work on him with my Mum, it will be really cool to work on another big project together.

I'll be looking at downsizing my Lucario Pokemon plush collection to accommodate this big lad. Keep an eye out.